The House  was built in 1810 by a Sea Captain from the famous Nelson Line,he had two much younger flighty wives who left in mysterious circumstances![Not much is known about the earlier history of the property
research is on going......]
However, this beautiful house has been home to some glamorous and fascinating people. including a large family of Irish Baronets, it is also hinted that during the 1940/1950 period that the infamous Kray Twins were guests here and held drinking and gambling parties this could have been more than a rumour because in the cellar we found optics and a bar !
  According to "Country Life" magazine 2nd August 1902 the estate at that time was owned by a Mr JJ Cridland,Vice President of the Aberdeen Angus Club who purchased the property in 1897, prior to this the estate was in the possession of Sir Thomas Robinson MP who used to represent the ancient city of Gloucester in Parliament.
Mr Cridland was a famous judge and exhibitor of Aberdeen Angus and was well known at Bingley  Hall, Royal Welsh Show,Royal Reading Show ,Great Yorkshire Show, Bath & West Show, Newcastle County Show, The Smithfield Show and the nearby Three Counties ,indeed it is recorded that he had the top winning Aberdeen Angus of that time"Elate" whom he had taken to Perth ,Scotland where he won £15 and a champion Gold medal.
  The executors of Mr Cridland's estate  sold the House  in 1951 to Noel Cain and I have a  delightful pamphlet produced by the Auctioneers[who are still in business today!] which reads as follows:-
       "The Park Estate lies in the luxuriant Severn Vale.It was purchased  by the late Mr JJ Cridland in September 1897. Since that date This Estate has become  a well known  name in the Agricultural world not only in the British Isles but in the Dominions, Colonies and in the United States of America owing to the success in the show ring of the Aberdeen Angus Herd of Cattle.No other herd has obtained so many King's Cups and Championships at Smithfield

In the light of the above historical aspect- it seems  rather apt that Peter has his N H horses and I have my show dogs.

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Our Home was in its heyday an Estate comprising of some 600 acres and half the village, but now it has a more modest 130 acres and a well known Point-to-Point  Racecourse